Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Web dev tools | the short list

The short list of tools you should be using if you're building startup web apps.  I'm building this list for myself...  but maybe it'll help someone or I'll hear of better tools.

HTML + CSS - because you have to
bootstrap - simplifies layout and CSS formatting to give you a huge head start on a slick web page
bootplus - modifies bootstrap to have similar styling to new Google+
Yeoman.io - package & deploy
Handlebars - templating
Foodme - a step-by-step tutorial for building web apps with angularjs 
d3js.org - for slick data visualization
nvd3.org - re-usable charts built on d3js
sublime text - text editor with syntax highlighting and way more
niice.co - search for creative material (aggregates Behance, Dribbble, Designspiration, etc)

feel free to suggest more... I will continuously update the post.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Love this slick looking clock for my desktop. Good bye Windows time/date.

Clock app by Michael Hark.
Go here and get it for yourself: http://michealhark.tk/

Any.do "pin to taskbar"

Any.do is probably the sexiest task manager I've seen - but I wanted it to open as a sidebar when Windows boots up.  Here's how to do it in Google Chrome.

Any.do Pop Out
  1. Install the Any.do extension for Google Chrome.
  2. Open the Any.do window and hit the Pop Out button (screen grab to the right).
  3. Right-click anywhere in the Any.do window and "View Source."
  4. The window that pops up should have a web address that looks something like this:  view-source:chrome-extension://kdadialhpiikehpdeejjeiikopddkjem/index.html
  5. Edit the web address by removing the "view-source:" at the beginning and hit enter.
  6. Any.do application shortcut
    Create taskbar shortcut for Any.do
  7. Your Any.do task list should now appear in the browser window.  Now go to Chrome's option menu (see right) and "Create application shortcut."
  8. Now just follow the menu's and pick which shortcuts you want.
  9. Done!

Any.do lacks a little functionality, but has a very slick interface.  I expect they will fix the major shortfalls - like Siri integration for the iOS app, shared folders, and location-based tasks in the Chrome app.